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The Calm Mind Podcast with Zoe Turner

MabeMedia presents The Calm Mind Podcast.  Hypnosis and Guided Meditations to help you Stress Less, Sleep better and Focus more! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out here's Zoe`s extended popular Reset your Mindset Audio for FREE

Zoe also has another podcast - The Zoe Turner Podcast In this podcast, Zoe interviews individuals from all walks of life, each who have overcome adversity to achieve great things. Hopefully - their stories and achievements will inspire you to keep moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

To find out more about what I do come to say hi on my website zoe mind coach. 


My Mission is to help you alter your mindset to bring about a transformation so that you can achieve great success in life and business.

Let me tell you a little about my background. I was born and raised in the North East of England.

I graduated with an MA from University and began my working career in the UK in Child Protection, where I coached vulnerable children and adults to achieve positive change in their lives. My passion for Coaching then led to me further qualify as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Despite having a successful career in the UK, I was burnt out and needed a change, so I moved to Dubai in 2010 to pursue a career in Financial Sales. After achieving a high level of success in this industry which resulted in me becoming one of the best newcomers in the company (I accomplished this level of success because I committed daily to managing my mind with daily visualisation), I left the business. I have now taken my years of experience and crafted it into pieces of training and downloadable meditations that you can apply to alter your mindset so that you can achieve unstoppable success in your life and business.
My proudest achievement to date is establishing a football team with 11 young boys in Kerala India – Panathura FC.

Each year we partner with an individual or organisation. If you would like to participate, please get in touch. In return, you will get your company’s branding on our team kit.

You can buy my online trainings and meditations here

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Much Love 

Zoe x